Pass Rushing Slugging Percentage

Who’s the NFL’s best Slugger? In baseball statistics, slugging percentage is a measure of the productivity of a hitter, weighting extra-base hits to more accurately portray a batter’s value in base hits. In football, up until only recently, sacks were the only statistic that measured a pass rusher’s production. Since many companies, like SIS, have … Continue reading Pass Rushing Slugging Percentage

Who is the Most Consistent QB in 2020?

Metrics like Expected Points Added (EPA) can tell us how well a player is performing in a game, season, etc. But what about how consistent a player is? For anyone that needs to take a predictive or forward-looking view on performance, how consistent a player is, may be just as important as base performance. Being … Continue reading Who is the Most Consistent QB in 2020?

2019 NFL OC Analytics Scorecard (Retro)

A Look into Coach’s Statistical Impact The outcome of football games are determined by manly things: team skill, play execution  and referee interaction to name a few. Yet, if we judged this by the amount of fans yelling at their screen, it’d be fair to think coach play-calling and scheme also play a large part … Continue reading 2019 NFL OC Analytics Scorecard (Retro)

QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

Thanks as always to Sports Info Solutions for all the work they do to help us understand and predict the game. Below you will find the QB vs Coverage match-up for the upcoming Super Bowl week. Remember:-The first four columns after the team names represent "Adjusted Coverage Usage". Normally, this number ONLY represents the typical … Continue reading QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week