2020 TE Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

Finishing up on our Fantasy vs Reality series for the 2020 NFL Season we present TEs this week. We have prefaced the rankings enough in the previous week's pieces, so we'll jump right into it. Thanks again to Football Outsiders for all the DVOA data.The chart below displays all relevant TEs, coordinated by their Fantasy … Continue reading 2020 TE Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

2020 WR Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

FPS is continuing our series on comparing a player's volume weighted production in fantasy football vs real football (using analytics based scoring, DVOA from Football Outsiders) with the most intriguing group: WRs. As you may have expected since so many fantasy WR stars don't tend to match with the eye test, this position group is … Continue reading 2020 WR Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

2020 QB Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

Following last week's RBs Fantasy vs Reality Rankings, we are continuing the series moving to QBs this week. The idea behind the series is to shine a light, attempt for attempt, as to what QBs have the biggest difference between fantasy and real impact defined by Fantasy Points/Attempt and Passing DVOA. The chart below is … Continue reading 2020 QB Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

NBA MVP Best Bet

NOT FOOTBALL PART DEUX...FPS subscribers get a sneak peak of my NBA piece on Fantasy Pros. Enjoy, and bet well... With every selection, or betting exposure I advise, we focus on one thing: profit. With that being said, whether through data or procedure I’ve found it best to start out “reverse engineering the problem”. What’s … Continue reading NBA MVP Best Bet

2020 RB Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

Fantasy performance and actual performance (measured as a player's personal contribution to a team's likelihood of winning) are very different measurements. Although most players at the extremes will have mirrored rankings, there are plenty of examples where fantasy performance of an individual may enforce misinterpretation of a player's REAL value, and vice versa. This piece … Continue reading 2020 RB Fantasy vs Reality Rankings