Ryan Newman was a Division 1 recruited Quarterback out of Holy Cross High School (River Grove, IL), but finished his college career at Ripon College (WI). After spending 5 years at sports recruiting company, National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) he coached at 3 different levels of play. Since then, he founded “Winvest”, a platform that fused sports betting and sound investing together through an application called “entity wagering”. Additionally, Ryan has worked with/consulted analytics companies, Sports Information Solutions (SIS) and EDJSports. Currently, he is the Director of Football Analytics at Lake Forest College (IL).

He’s been published in SB Nation, Fantasy Pros and most recently Marc Lawrence’s Yearly Playbook.

Ryan resides in Chicago, and would take 15 minutes coming up with anything besides football that consumes his life.

How is FPS different

  1. A rare combination of high-level playing/coaching experience, statistical/data analysis and unrivaled knowledge of the game.
  2. An approach that knows profitability isn’t equated with knowledge, but knowledge relative to the market/market makers.
  3. A genuine understanding that actual outcomes frequently veer from predictive, long-term results. Variance, luck and correlation need to be teased out to find causal relationships.

We will always keep an open mind to any idea that can help you win. If you have any ideas, questions or research projects you’d like us to undertake, please reach out to us below.