2020 OC Changes and their Impact on Fantasy Football

Below you will find any/all changes made this offseason for play calling OCs. Additionally, based on truly neutral game scripts we investigated how (if at all) things may change with their new teams, especially in True Run vs Pass rates. TmCoachPrev. OC Tm.sNeutral Prev Tm.s Tend.What to glean from playcaller's previous tendencies (using neutral game … Continue reading 2020 OC Changes and their Impact on Fantasy Football

True Target Distribution from 2019

Target Distribution by position isn't new. However, Game situation has a large affect on targets. Meaning, to have a higher level of predictability, teasing out game situations and looking at the target ratios will help give us a clearer picture of where teams like to distribute targets, Below you will find what happened last year, … Continue reading True Target Distribution from 2019

True/Adjusted OL Run Blocking Projections for 2020 Fantasy Football

RB performance is, by in large a function of OL ability. But how much? Football Outsiders tries to capture this with ALY yards. Honing in on information valuable to fantasy owners in 2020 we took it 2 steps further: 1. If ALY yards hone in on short distance yards relative to 10-20 yard, or breakaway … Continue reading True/Adjusted OL Run Blocking Projections for 2020 Fantasy Football

5 Bold Predictions for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

41%. Forty-one percent is the average attrition rate for the top 100 Fantasy Football Rankings every year. The NFL’s Top 100 players, as voted on by their peers, sees 20-40 new faces each year. The NFL itself has so much parity, it shocks me how often fantasy owners rely on the past year to repeat … Continue reading 5 Bold Predictions for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

Why you shouldn’t draft Julian Edelman or Mark Ingram

Why you shouldn't draft Julian Edelman or Mark IngramJulian Edelman and Mark Ingram are both facing suspensions in the upcoming year for violating league performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) policy. Beyond the obvious that these players will only be available for 3/4 of the season have you ever wondered: if these guys were taking something illegal to … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t draft Julian Edelman or Mark Ingram

2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity

2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity The final piece of my three-part series regards what I have coined "Point Elasticity", which was the genesis of this series. Let me explain. At a fundamental level when choosing a weekly (or at times, season) lineup an owner is given:1. Player Points/Game Average2. Matchup/Strength of Schedule (SOS)See below for … Continue reading 2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity

True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017

True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017Part II of the III part series extending from last year's Articles From Ryan. Following up on the last post's consistency insight, we dive into how players performed last year relative to their schedule to give us the true fantasy football rankings for 2017. As you scroll down the True Fantasy Football … Continue reading True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017

Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017

Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017Many of you remember my Fantasy Pros Series last season. I had wondered why no premier publication puts in much effort regarding consistency for fantasy football (coincidentally ESPN put out their own Fantasy Football Consistency Ratings: 2017 suspiciously close to the time I mentioned it). It makes sense right? In a season-long league you should … Continue reading Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017

Touchdown Dependency Rankings in Fantasy Football

Touchdown Dependency Rankings in Fantasy FootballAt this point, everyone knows that I like to use "tendency-towards-the-norm" like metrics to forecast certain statistics likely to move in a certain direction. You can find the vast majority of these in Ryan Newman's Fantasy Pros Articles, but today I am providing a new data point "Touchdown Dependency" rankings for … Continue reading Touchdown Dependency Rankings in Fantasy Football