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How Tampa Bay shut down Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

Tom Brady, likely pumped full of osteoarthritis medicine, led the 3-point underdog Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl Victory yesterday. However, the game was won by the absolute clinic put on by Todd Bowles and the Buccaneers defense put on last night. Holding Mahomes to single digit points for the first time since…ever? Seriously, … Continue reading How Tampa Bay shut down Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

Does the lack of Play-Action(PA) PASSING, lead to a decrease in RUN success?

Flipping the Run/Play-Action Success Question on it’s head. A friend of mine asked my opinion as to why the Steelers run game has fallen off the last two years. Knowing last year was most likely due to the loaded boxes (as described in the Football Outsiders Almanac) defenses lined-up with Big Ben, I focused mainly … Continue reading Does the lack of Play-Action(PA) PASSING, lead to a decrease in RUN success?

2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard

A Look into OC’s performance using Advanced Stats “Advanced Stats” or “Analytics” in football have helped us understand what determines game outcomes. We know certain strategic tendencies correlate heavily to winning football games. Many of these are still being debated, or even discovered but there are a few “gimmies” or clearly established protocols, such as … Continue reading 2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard

Why 3 Team Parlays are Best

…IF YOU’RE GOING TO PLAY A PARLAY Smart, and profitable bettors know that parlays are a bad play. True, they’re alluring, and offer insane payouts, but the math has told us for a long time, they are “sucker bets”. Be it the lottery or any Casino, the entire gambling industry is built on the fact. … Continue reading Why 3 Team Parlays are Best

Championship Round Picks

Here is what the models are saying, but it should be noted, OFFICIALLY, as of now we say “NO PLAY” for the KC/BUF game until we finish our film research. Nonetheless, this is what the models are calling for:

NFL Divisional Round Picks

After a great start to the playoffs our main system is calling for 3 obvious picks (shared selections from our base model, DVOA variance model and even our playoff model) and one mixed: the TB upset of NO. Overall we are not very confident at any of the pricings, but there is plenty of value … Continue reading NFL Divisional Round Picks


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