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NFL Win Totals 2022

Using variance from 2021, compared to the change in (priced) win total in 2022 we find profitable opportunities among NFL Win Totals in 2022. Between our 3 different publications, over the last 6 years, we have published a painfully accurate, “NFL Going Up/Down” article every season. And with each passing year we have improved the … Continue reading NFL Win Totals 2022

2021 NFL Defensive Identities

*Updated from a series in Spring You can read more about this series in the 2021 NFL Offensive Identities. House cleaning:1. All data ONLY considers moments in game where the difference in score is 16 points2. Unless specified, does NOT include 4th downs or the 4th quarter3. And this is the MOST important of all: … Continue reading 2021 NFL Defensive Identities

2021 NFL Offensive Identities

*Updated from a series in Spring “They want to establish the run”.“They are a team that lives and dies by the pass”“You know one thing when you play the _______, you are going to get blitzed” ^ These and many other “points” you probably hear from so-called experts on the TV/Radio/Podcast all the time, but … Continue reading 2021 NFL Offensive Identities

NFL Football Best Bets: Divisional Playoff Weekend (2021)

Ryan’s Season Totals Best Bets: 37-23-1, Up 1758% 3-0 last week, looks even better when you consider the reasoning behind the plays hit as well as Josh Allen graded out at 92.3 when NOT blitzed, yet 68.6 when blitzed! Best Bet #1: Kansas City Chiefs -6.5 (buy the ½ point to -130) OVER Cincinnati BengalsAnyone … Continue reading NFL Football Best Bets: Divisional Playoff Weekend (2021)


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