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2020 NFL Predictions

Here we are again! A full-season’s worth of data, to help us predict the 2020 NFL season. Last year’s 2019 NFL Teams on the Rise/Fall performed very well with Baltimore ranked #1 in “Going Up”, Kansas City/San Francisco in the top 7, and Dallas/Rams, 1/2 respectively in the “Going Down” column. The goal from our annual … Continue reading 2020 NFL Predictions

Top 5 Quick NFL Team Fixes brought you you by SIS Rookie Handbook

The 2020 SIS Football Rookie Handbook, only two years in its existence, has immediately become a yearly “must-order” along with the Football Outsiders Almanac for any analytics junkies. Most of the 518 pages of Advanced Statistics goodness is dedicated to the incoming Rookie Class, but it also includes short sections breaking down every team and its … Continue reading Top 5 Quick NFL Team Fixes brought you you by SIS Rookie Handbook

NFL “Premiere” Standings

NFL “Premiere” Standings As I watched the Bears beat the Rams last night, I thought about how many premiere matchups the NFL has had this year. The Chiefs at the Rams, Bears at the Patriots, Chargers at the Steelers, and so on…I wondered, if as a subset of your record, how have these teams collectively and … Continue reading NFL “Premiere” Standings

2018 NFL Predictions

2018 NFL Predictions You likely remember from last year the 2017 NFL Predictions. There I used 3 key, objective predictive metrics to help us know which teams are rising and falling in the upcoming year. The 3 key areas we look at to statistically: Net Close Wins/Losses (avid readers have seen this before in NHL NCW/Ls and NBA NCW/Ls) Pythagorean … Continue reading 2018 NFL Predictions


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