NFL QB Archetypes

It's no secret that QBs are the most critical position to winning football games. However, HOW a QB operates, HOW he wins (or loses) games come in all “shapes and sizes”. And I’m not referring to obvious differentiators like running QB vs dropback passer. Instead, now equipped with cutting-edge tracking data, we can identify and … Continue reading NFL QB Archetypes

NFL Win Totals 2022

Using variance from 2021, compared to the change in (priced) win total in 2022 we find profitable opportunities among NFL Win Totals in 2022. Between our 3 different publications, over the last 6 years, we have published a painfully accurate, "NFL Going Up/Down" article every season. And with each passing year we have improved the … Continue reading NFL Win Totals 2022

NCAA Identities 2021 – Offense

As we described the past couple weeks, notably in the NFL Offensive Identities we offered a basic breakdown of what a team REALLY does (from a coach's perspective). Mind you the purpose of this piece is to give you a "totem" of sorts when setting your models, predictions, etc to properly understand what a team … Continue reading NCAA Identities 2021 – Offense