2020 RB Success Rate by Box Size

A home-run is easier to hit over a 380 ft. wall than a 400 ft. wall. A jump shot made wide-open vs. a contested shot is far more likely to succeed. Running the football in the NFL effectively is easier when there are less would-be-tacklers close to the line of scrimmage. Because of this, today … Continue reading 2020 RB Success Rate by Box Size

2020 NFL Pass Coverage Analysis

Throughout the season we used opponent's coverage use and success relative to their opponent's QB success within the same guidelines to help us predict outcomes the market did not account for. Today we're doing a deep dive on NFL Pass Coverage, to help understand what defenses use, what they do well and where they can … Continue reading 2020 NFL Pass Coverage Analysis

How Tampa Bay shut down Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

Tom Brady, likely pumped full of osteoarthritis medicine, led the 3-point underdog Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl Victory yesterday. However, the game was won by the absolute clinic put on by Todd Bowles and the Buccaneers defense put on last night. Holding Mahomes to single digit points for the first time since...ever? Seriously, … Continue reading How Tampa Bay shut down Mahomes in Super Bowl LV

Pass Rushing Slugging Percentage

Who’s the NFL’s best Slugger? In baseball statistics, slugging percentage is a measure of the productivity of a hitter, weighting extra-base hits to more accurately portray a batter’s value in base hits. In football, up until only recently, sacks were the only statistic that measured a pass rusher’s production. Since many companies, like SIS, have … Continue reading Pass Rushing Slugging Percentage

Who is the Most Consistent QB in 2020?

Metrics like Expected Points Added (EPA) can tell us how well a player is performing in a game, season, etc. But what about how consistent a player is? For anyone that needs to take a predictive or forward-looking view on performance, how consistent a player is, may be just as important as base performance. Being … Continue reading Who is the Most Consistent QB in 2020?

2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard

A Look into OC’s performance using Advanced Stats “Advanced Stats'' or “Analytics'' in football have helped us understand what determines game outcomes. We know certain strategic tendencies correlate heavily to winning football games. Many of these are still being debated, or even discovered but there are a few “gimmies” or clearly established protocols, such as … Continue reading 2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard