QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

Thanks as always to Sports Info Solutions for all the work they do to help us understand and predict the game. Below you will find the QB vs Coverage match-up for the upcoming Super Bowl week. Remember:-The first four columns after the team names represent "Adjusted Coverage Usage". Normally, this number ONLY represents the typical … Continue reading QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

QB vs. Coverage Championship Round

We hope everyone used our projection system to cash in on the 11:1 payout for Rogers having the largest yardage performance this past week (as we did). Note, again, since both teams have played each other this year (oddly both in week 6), we adjusted the defensive coverage projection at half weight their yearly deployment … Continue reading QB vs. Coverage Championship Round

NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Picks

Even though 24 of the last 40 Wildcard games have been won by the lower seed, and the NFL Wildcard weekend is typically strife with upsets, our standard and playoff models are pretty "boring". Here's the deal: upsets during the NFL Wildcard Playoff round are quite common, bordering on regular. For some reason our research … Continue reading NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Picks

QB vs Coverage, Super Wildcard Weekend

A couple of important notes: -Remember, of numbers here AND the way to interpret this chart is: how well will a QB likely perform based on his success level by coverage and the most likely coverage use by a defense RELATIVE to that QB's normal production (in other words, if you see Mahomes with a … Continue reading QB vs Coverage, Super Wildcard Weekend