NFL QB Archetypes

It's no secret that QBs are the most critical position to winning football games. However, HOW a QB operates, HOW he wins (or loses) games come in all “shapes and sizes”. And I’m not referring to obvious differentiators like running QB vs dropback passer. Instead, now equipped with cutting-edge tracking data, we can identify and … Continue reading NFL QB Archetypes

NCAA Identities 2021 – Offense

As we described the past couple weeks, notably in the NFL Offensive Identities we offered a basic breakdown of what a team REALLY does (from a coach's perspective). Mind you the purpose of this piece is to give you a "totem" of sorts when setting your models, predictions, etc to properly understand what a team … Continue reading NCAA Identities 2021 – Offense

2021 NFL Offensive Identities

Knowing how NFL operate, particularly from the context a coach would do so preparing for an opponent is critical for long-term profits. You can read more about the purpose of this information, along with citations and legends to the abbreviations in the previous piece about 2021 NFL Defensive Identities.*Note all data thanks to our friends … Continue reading 2021 NFL Offensive Identities

Does Play-Action Passing work better vs. Zone Defense?

Jon Gruden was quoted earlier this season stating that “Play-Action passing doesn’t work vs. man coverage”. This was shortly before all the racial/homophobic statements that came out of his mouth were unearthed, but after some of the “quotable Gruden-isms” we refer to often, like “Spider 2 Y Banana”. And besides him saying it earlier in … Continue reading Does Play-Action Passing work better vs. Zone Defense?