QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

Thanks as always to Sports Info Solutions for all the work they do to help us understand and predict the game. Below you will find the QB vs Coverage match-up for the upcoming Super Bowl week. Remember:-The first four columns after the team names represent "Adjusted Coverage Usage". Normally, this number ONLY represents the typical … Continue reading QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard

A Look into OC’s performance using Advanced Stats “Advanced Stats'' or “Analytics'' in football have helped us understand what determines game outcomes. We know certain strategic tendencies correlate heavily to winning football games. Many of these are still being debated, or even discovered but there are a few “gimmies” or clearly established protocols, such as … Continue reading 2020 NFL Offensive Analytics Scorecard

NFL Week 17 Picks

We included an additional column for Matchup DVOA the first week both teams played. Also be ware of the ATL play (we like it but) its mainly because of the 2.4 EPA TB loses with Devin White getting Covid. If you would like the full version of the model please shoot us an email.

NFL QB vs Coverage Week 17

With all the "QB substitutions" among the teams resting starters/etc. we gave pause to using this model for predictive forecasting. However, given this relatively drastic alteration of what the sportsbooks use to set lines, we think there likely is greater (not lesser) opportunity this week, particularly in QB props using the QB by Coverage Model. … Continue reading NFL QB vs Coverage Week 17