NBA MVP Best Bet

NOT FOOTBALL PART DEUX...FPS subscribers get a sneak peak of my NBA piece on Fantasy Pros. Enjoy, and bet well... With every selection, or betting exposure I advise, we focus on one thing: profit. With that being said, whether through data or procedure I’ve found it best to start out “reverse engineering the problem”. What’s … Continue reading NBA MVP Best Bet

2020 NFL Pass Coverage Analysis

Throughout the season we used opponent's coverage use and success relative to their opponent's QB success within the same guidelines to help us predict outcomes the market did not account for. Today we're doing a deep dive on NFL Pass Coverage, to help understand what defenses use, what they do well and where they can … Continue reading 2020 NFL Pass Coverage Analysis

QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week

Thanks as always to Sports Info Solutions for all the work they do to help us understand and predict the game. Below you will find the QB vs Coverage match-up for the upcoming Super Bowl week. Remember:-The first four columns after the team names represent "Adjusted Coverage Usage". Normally, this number ONLY represents the typical … Continue reading QB vs Coverage Super Bowl Week