Last Year’s Sacks don’t predict Next Year’s Sacks

But Hurries do It’s been a few years since the analytics community taught us sacks shouldn’t be the “end all, be all” metric for pass rushers. Yet  many still fall for the trap. Even NFL teams, and their GMs, those who are paid (alot and solely) to select good players for their team, continue to … Continue reading Last Year’s Sacks don’t predict Next Year’s Sacks

AFC/NFC Championship Futures

Betting on football, especially the NFL comes with distinct advantages/disadvantages. On the “negative side”, with 22 humans on the field on any given play, the amount of chaos leads to variance very few other sports see (when looking through the lens of a sports bettor). However, on the plus side, because of this high level … Continue reading AFC/NFC Championship Futures

NBA MVP Best Bet

NOT FOOTBALL PART DEUX...FPS subscribers get a sneak peak of my NBA piece on Fantasy Pros. Enjoy, and bet well... With every selection, or betting exposure I advise, we focus on one thing: profit. With that being said, whether through data or procedure I’ve found it best to start out “reverse engineering the problem”. What’s … Continue reading NBA MVP Best Bet