5 Bold Predictions for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

41%. Forty-one percent is the average attrition rate for the top 100 Fantasy Football Rankings every year. The NFL’s Top 100 players, as voted on by their peers, sees 20-40 new faces each year. The NFL itself has so much parity, it shocks me how often fantasy owners rely on the past year to repeat … Continue reading 5 Bold Predictions for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

How Kevin Durant Changed Sports Forever

If you missed the NBA Finals last night, Superstar Kevin Durant made the decision to play through an injury that's held him out of a the past few weeks. Since Durant's team, the Golden State Warriors, were facing elimination in the Championship, and possibly to quiet criticism that he is a "soft player", Durant put … Continue reading How Kevin Durant Changed Sports Forever

Top 10 Reasons the 2018 Bears are the 2015 Cubs

Top 10 Reasons the 2018 Bears are the 2015 CubsAm I saying the Bears are winning the Super Bowl next year? Read on...There have been far too little comparisons between the 2015 Chicago Cubs and 2018 Chicago Bears. A wrong I intend to fix in this article. For our longtime readers, or anyone that can see … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons the 2018 Bears are the 2015 Cubs

2019 NFL Teams on the Rise/Fall

2019 NFL Teams on the Rise/FallThe NFL is filled with parity, "Any Given Sunday" is very much a reality in the league. This is even more evident when zooming out to a season-to-season lens. Dramatic turnarounds are not uncommon from one year to the next: bottom feeders from the year before winning their division, teams … Continue reading 2019 NFL Teams on the Rise/Fall

Why you shouldn’t draft Julian Edelman or Mark Ingram

Why you shouldn't draft Julian Edelman or Mark IngramJulian Edelman and Mark Ingram are both facing suspensions in the upcoming year for violating league performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) policy. Beyond the obvious that these players will only be available for 3/4 of the season have you ever wondered: if these guys were taking something illegal to … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t draft Julian Edelman or Mark Ingram

2018 NFL Predictions

2018 NFL PredictionsYou likely remember from last year the 2017 NFL Predictions. There I used 3 key, objective predictive metrics to help us know which teams are rising and falling in the upcoming year.The 3 key areas we look at to statistically:Net Close Wins/Losses (avid readers have seen this before in NHL NCW/Ls and NBA NCW/Ls)Pythagorean Win Theorem (fully explained … Continue reading 2018 NFL Predictions

2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity

2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity The final piece of my three-part series regards what I have coined "Point Elasticity", which was the genesis of this series. Let me explain. At a fundamental level when choosing a weekly (or at times, season) lineup an owner is given:1. Player Points/Game Average2. Matchup/Strength of Schedule (SOS)See below for … Continue reading 2017 Fantasy Football Point Elasticity

True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017

True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017Part II of the III part series extending from last year's Articles From Ryan. Following up on the last post's consistency insight, we dive into how players performed last year relative to their schedule to give us the true fantasy football rankings for 2017. As you scroll down the True Fantasy Football … Continue reading True Fantasy Football Rankings 2017

Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017

Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017Many of you remember my Fantasy Pros Series last season. I had wondered why no premier publication puts in much effort regarding consistency for fantasy football (coincidentally ESPN put out their own Fantasy Football Consistency Ratings: 2017 suspiciously close to the time I mentioned it). It makes sense right? In a season-long league you should … Continue reading Consistency Rankings Fantasy Football 2017