The best sports video games of 2023

If you are a sports fan and gamer, you'll know there's nothing better than combining your interests.

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If you are a sports fan and gamer, you’ll know there’s nothing better than combining your interests. Soccer has FIFA and Pro Evo. Athletics has the usual Olympic Gold games that proceed each Olympic Games every four years. If boxing is more your thing, you have some classics to look back on, including Knockout Kings. Rumors are circulating online that 2023 could see the return of a modern, mass-produced, and exciting video game for Play Station or Xbox that does the noble art justice.

But boxing isn’t the only sport set to be covered by major game developers this year. 2022 was the year of professional sports shown live on television, including a historic World Cup from Qatar. But 2023 will be the year of professional sports-themed games being back on top. Back where they belong, entertaining millions worldwide. But which titles should you keep your eyes peeled for in the coming months? We explain all in this article. By the end of the page, you will be up to speed on what to expect, confirmed release dates, and anything else worth knowing.

2023 is the year you plan to game more and are looking for mouth-watering sports games to keep you busy. If you follow top betting apps or your favorite soccer team near and far, you’ll already know the passion professional sports can add to your life. But when gaming, there’s no need to wait for Saturday. Every night is a big game night, and you’re in charge of the results.

If you are a sports fan and gamer, you'll know there's nothing better than combining your interests.

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The biggest news in the gaming industry relates to the FIFA franchise. There have been some fantastic and memorable installments of the FIFA soccer game for Sega, Playstation, and Xbox over the years, but that is no more. The makers have lost their license from FIFA, including the rights to players’ names, stadiums, managers, and more. We are living in uncertain times when it comes to soccer.

Is UFL the answer, and will it fill the void left by FIFA? A lot has stayed the same in the background, other than the name, but if this game isn’t at least as good as the last few FIFAs, it could crash and burn. It’s a shame we’ve lost FIFA, but fans will hope UFL proves to be a super-sub. This title will be available on multiple consoles, released this year, and is brought to us by developer and publisher Strikerz.

Formula Bwoah

The name doesn’t do this game any justice, and it will be interesting to see if gamers take to Formula Bwoah for that reason. Sometimes it can pay to keep things simple. But let’s not get too hung up on the weird name that looks like it was pulled from a hat on a lucky draw.

Is this game going to be any good? Well, we must wait and see when HarthLabs drop their latest release. No release date is set in stone, and that’s strange for a title with so much potential. This game has caused a stir in the industry. It’s an arcade-style racing game that tosses the player into every break-neck turn, overtake and crash.

Skate Story

This one will divide opinion, but we can’t wait to see it in action. Play Skate Story, and you’ll control the journey of a demon intent on escaping the underworld. To do so, they must travel to the moon using nothing more than a skateboard. We did say this was a strange one.

Available on Microsoft Windows and developed by Sam Eng, Devolver Digital, Skate Story will be released in the coming weeks of 2023. Will it hit the ground running? It’s been a while since gamers have had a skating game they can take to and spend hours investigating. I bet you never thought you’d be grinding your board on the moon this year.

Keep your eyes peeled

The three console games covered in this article aren’t yet available to purchase, but that won’t be the case for much longer. There are others worth a mention, and we list the best of them below.

Some other games to keep your eyes peeled for in 2023 include Desta: The Memories Between, Blood Bowl III, Super Buckyball Tournament, and Stuntfest World Tour.

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