2021 Fantasy Football Draft Script

Depending on how serious of a fantasy football player you are, you likely arrive at your draft with any assortment of resources. You may come equipped with a cheat sheet printed off your favorite site, or maybe a magazine with a bunch of highlighted sections/notes on the side. Regardless, most of the “tools” you bring with you to help you actually draft are suboptimal, miss critical pieces of information and leave you “thinking” during the little time you have to draft, leaving you open to errors in judgement. With all the preparation you have done, don’t you want to have a ONE quick and easy resource that reflects:

  • ONLY Players you want to target (ignoring the noise)
  • When you want to target them (so you know when to strike)
  • Lined up round-by-round, so for each selection you have your 1-3 targets always ready in real-time

If you are serious about “winning your draft”, you want to come as prepared as possible, leaving as much of the “critical thinking” BEFORE the draft, so you can simply react to what that draft brings you. Enter the Fantasy Football Draft Script, THE FPS Fantasy Draft Tool.

What is a Fantasy Football Draft Script

A Fantasy Football Draft Script is a one-sheeter that includes ONLY players you want to target, with round-by-round data of when they are most likely to be selected including denotations for ‘high-valued” players. Here is what the 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Script looked like:

As you can see, this optimizes your attention while minimizing the amount of time needed to draft/errors in judgement, as you are going into your draft essentially on “auto-pilot”. Remember, the vast majority of time, players are selected at/around their ADP. 

*This is true because veteran drafters are always seeking value, and novice drafters are very likely to just follow “who’s next up” anyway. 

Why is it the optimal “in-draft tool”

Think of it this way: What do ALL NFL teams have up in their War Room on draft night? Their big board. On this big board are ONLY players they want to target, how highly they value them and where they are likely to fall. You don’t see players listed that the team doesn’t plan to draft (like cheat sheets), nor are their targeted players left without the context of knowing the likely round they will be picked. NFL drafters, like fantasy drafters want to optimize each round of the draft, coming out with 7(ish) players they want to have on their team. A big board helps them focus and accomplish this, while preventing any “noise”/time loss that occurs when “non-targeted players” come into the mix.

Summary as to why you NEED a Fantasy Football Script:

  • Just as astute executives use success rates (that give us down and distance context) instead of traditional stats like “yards per carry” stats, without having your core tool include ADP, you’re not going to be able to optimize each selection
  • Likewise, going in to each round this gives you a pool of 1-5 players you SHOULD target, instead of sifting through loads of data
  • You have limited time to make a selection, instead of flipping through magazine or website pages, save time by knowing exactly what you want, when you want it. Make the ACTUAL draft as close to “auto-pilot” as you can
  • Keep focus off the trash you don’t want on your team, and only key on “draftable players”.

This year’s FPS Fantasy Football Draft Script (with FPS recommendations)

Note, our selections may NOT be your selections. The key takeaway here is the best tool to have on draft day is a well throughout Fantasy Football Draft Script. You can build your own with this tool. (Note: use the most recent ADP, and make sure its based on the site you will use during the draft, ESPN, Yahoo, etc)

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