(2nd Almost) Guaranteed Profitable Bet for 2021 NFL

Knowing that FPS is drawn to profitability, we have another solid play (click here if you missed An Almost For Sure Futures Bet) that is almost guaranteed to profit, possibly middle for the 2021 NFL Season. And it really has nothing to do with predicting the outcome of a game:

  • Seattle is currently a +115 SU bet for Week 1 vs. the Colts
  • Seattle, separately has a 2021 win total at 9.5, with the UNDER paying out + 120

These two scenarios are both positive EV plays, yet play (somewhat in concert).

That is, if you take Seattle to win the week one game outright at +115 (which we recommend anyway), AND place an under bet on their season win total, at +120, you’re very likely to guarantee a profit:

  • Say Seattle wins week one, clearly you make a profit
  • Say Seattle loses week one, now, with your UNDER 9.5 wins on the season, you are one additional loss closer to hitting your mark (on a + bet). Seattle, would need to go 10-6 the remainder of the season.
  • There is also a chance to win BOTH bets. That is, if Seattle wins week one, but .500 (8-8) the rest of the way you can hit on 2 profitable bets at once.

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