2020 TE Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

Finishing up on our Fantasy vs Reality series for the 2020 NFL Season we present TEs this week. We have prefaced the rankings enough in the previous week’s pieces, so we’ll jump right into it. Thanks again to Football Outsiders for all the DVOA data.

The chart below displays all relevant TEs, coordinated by their Fantasy Value (y-axis) per reception ranking and DVOA ranking (x-axis). Those above the trendline are better in reality than fantasy. Those below are better in fantasy. The greater the distance between the player and the trendline, the stronger the weight of the ration.

TE Fantasy vs Reality Value

Remember, we are holding reception volume constant, so rankings may be different than rankings you have seen already.

Better in Reality than Fantasy

  • Jordan Akins
  • Dallas Goedert
  • Logan Thomas

Better in Fantasy than Reality

  • Harrison Bryant
  • Jimmy Graham
  • Jonu Smith

Although just anecdotally, it seems TE has the largest disparity of any position on both sides of the coin here. That will likely be the next step with the data-point. With that we close the series, and hope we helped those at the bar settle the argument.

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