2020 QB Fantasy vs Reality Rankings

Following last week’s RBs Fantasy vs Reality Rankings, we are continuing the series moving to QBs this week. The idea behind the series is to shine a light, attempt for attempt, as to what QBs have the biggest difference between fantasy and real impact defined by Fantasy Points/Attempt and Passing DVOA.

The chart below is is filled with the coordinates of every QBs rankings in terms of Fantasy (y-axis) and DVOA (x-axis). Why Passing DVOA? As Football Outsiders explains:

DVOA, or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, represents value, per play, over an average quarterback in the same game situations. The more positive the DVOA rating, the better the player’s performance. Negative DVOA represents below-average offense. DVOA (and its cousin, VOA, which isn’t adjusted based on opponent) is further explained here.”

QB Fantasy vs Real Value

Compared to the RB list, there is not much here at the extremes, sans the L. Jackson sighting. And if you’re thinking his “anomaly status” is because of his running contribution this graph has nothing to do with rushing (in fantasy or reality). This again means that Jackson the most “Fantasy-propped” QB in value. Matt Ryan, likely being the lone interesting player in the “fantasy value pulled down the perception of this real value”.

Next week we will share the WR findings.

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