QB vs Coverage, Super Wildcard Weekend

A couple of important notes:

-Remember, of numbers here AND the way to interpret this chart is: how well will a QB likely perform based on his success level by coverage and the most likely coverage use by a defense RELATIVE to that QB’s normal production (in other words, if you see Mahomes with a lower number than Trubisky, that’s NOT saying Mitch is a better QB, but in this match-up based on coverage expectations and historical advanced analytics performance rates this is what you should expect above or below what that QB’s normal level of production is)
-Don’t put too much into the LAR QB by coverage outcomes, as much of it had to be filled in by NFL averages (notably vs Cover 2) as the volume is not high enough for what we think is the likely QB
-We have adjusted the QB Blitz Adjustment to hone deeper in the most likely pressure outcome given the net match-up values

We see that Rivers has a net + match-up bet vs. Allen. We really like this play, and highly suggest it.

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