Crazy/Hot Scale for Pro Athletes

Crazy/Hot Scale for Pro Athletes.

We’re all familiar with the crazy/hot scale, using the well-known “Mendoza Line”, right? If you’re not, than this guy does an excellent (and hilarious) job explaining it: Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix. Well, have you ever watched the Bears, Cubs or Bulls do something questionable in the front office? That is, you wonder how a team that claims to seek “high character” players can turn around and sign a player on parole. Earlier, I was reading one of my favorite Chicago writer’s column, Rick Morrissey, and it reminded me of a similar scale I’ve been meaning to whip up in hopes to help explain some of our team’s choices. Here is Rick Morrissey’s article from today.

Here’s what I whipped up:

Crazy/Hot Scale for Pro Athletes

As you can see, I aimed for Chicago athletes in my Crazy/Hot Scale for Pro Athletes, better known as Talent/Baggage scale, with a clear “Leniency Line”. Like the Mendoza line, all athletes in their respective sections live in a fluid space, and can move at anytime. Its actually quite a bit of fun, try one for a certain sport/team/other city.

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