A new mini-series sharing 3 quick blurbs (and my take on said blurbs) for a pronto perusing.

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The NFL is worried about a ratings dip.  Some are citing the election or the “hangover” stemming from historic nature of the World Series.

How I see it:  I really don’t think this will last. However, if the NFL is truly concerned, will they back/fight for DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports…Sports = Football)?  Whether your state outwardly classified DFS illegal or not, if your States Attorney deems it’s illegal, the very notion that it MIGHT be illegal likely turns players off.  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon/brain scientist to tell you fantasy football has played a big part in weekly ratings.  Hence, why are they dumbfounded about the ratings when the dip coincides all too conveniently with all the negative connotation/legal rulings/bad juju amid Draft Kings/Fan Duel?

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Aroldis Chapman took to the media this week, calling out Joe Maddon for over-using him in the post-season.
How Ry see it:  Didn’t we pick him up mid-year, knowing he was a “rent-a-player”?  Sorry if you disagree with the way Joe played you Chappy, but Joe did exactly what he should do.  He knew you were a depreciating asset, whose “loss of value” would be another team’s burden.  Joe did his job: maximized the value of a player to win a championship.  We leased Chapman, not bought…who doesn’t throw a kegger that last weekend, when the deposit is already gone?

3rd   ↓

The University of Minnesota Football team ended their boycott of the Holiday bowl, 36 hours after starting it.  The players originally were going to sit out of their bowl game, unless the 10 teammates, who had been suspended due to a sexual assault investigation, were reinstated.
How Ry see it:  I have no idea if those 10 players are guilty/not guilty, morally guilty/not morally guilty, but of all the possible options they had, they chose the worst one.  Play the game, don’t play the game, but if you’re going to take such a “bold” step, stand by your convictions…now it just looked like this small glimpse of assumed power of the NCAA athlete, was just the flickering of a light bulb before it goes out.

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