A Cub’s Thought for Tonight…

I don’t think it needs to be said this is a special night for Chicago, for Cubs fans or for the countless fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers that have passed.  Nor do we need to tell the white haired, jaeger-drinking 90 year old that sits in the front the row.  We all know it, we all feel it.  There is an energy today, that anyone in the city can feel.
And of course, we all know, what could happen tonight, and unfortunately, we all know about the past…

The numbers: 108, 1908, 1945

The scapegoats, or three “B”s: Billy goat, Black Cat and Bartmann.
The almosts: 69, 84, 03
And surely, we don’t know what will happen tonight.  Yet, the one thought I can not shake, win or lose tonight…with all the 108 years since…what if this is a beginning? Not an end?
What if this is Chicago Basketball in 1990?  What if this architect built this team, NOT to end a 108-year drought front-and-center in all our minds today/this year/this century, BUT to build a legitimate dynasty.  Every metric, analyst, really anyone that watches the game can tell you this team is built for success.  So, I ask this: Is this the start of prolonged success, or the end of a 108 year drought/start of another?
And if it is the start of something like our 90s Bulls, are we ready for that?  Are we ready to be the Yankees? The Patriots? The Lakers?
Is this the end? Or the beginning?

Eamus Catuli indeed.

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